eShisha Electronic Disposable Pens Shisha Vapour 500 Puffs

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* ShishaFlavours:

1 Disposable Electronic eShisha up to 500 Puffs         

No Tobacco.
No Nicotine.
No Tar.
No Carbon Monoxide.
No Poisons or HarmfulToxins.
No Flames or burns.
No Smell Ash.
Sleek new design
Light tip
Authentic flavour
Up to 500 puffs each
Instead, a pleasant water-based vapour is emitted! 
Additional Information

Benefits of e Shisha pens

eShisha pens can be legally used almost anywhere as they replaces the taste of the regular ones with a great flavour, you would usually get in a regular one, making e-shisha a much healthier and viable alternative.

Simply inhale like regular one and enjoy!
Select by Flavour: Varies
Disposable: 120mm x 12mm
BatteryCapacity: 270mah
Voltage: 3.6V
Puffs: Up to 500 Puffs each
Liquid: 1.3ml

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